Welcome to the School Year 2017-2018!

It’s almost Fall, we’ve prepared our building (new lockers, woohoo!), you’ve bought new school clothes and/or school supplies (Success Kit) so it must be time for school to begimg_0131.jpgin. I don’t know about you but all of us here at Milwood Magnet are excited to start the school year.

We want to welcome our new principal, Mr. Mark Tobolski.  We will be working together to lead our staff, guide our students and inform our parents. Also we are welcoming new staff members, Ms. Brandy Shooks (ESL), Mr. Aaron Mirakovits (Band), Mr. Ed Bobinski (8th ELA), Mr. Andrew Drenth (7th Math), Mrs. Corie Misko (6/7 Math), and Mr. Dominic Brown (7/8 Paraeducator).

Our goals this year are straight-forward, increase student achievement in all core subjects, raise the percentage of students at and above grade level, increase the number of students making 1 or more years growth on NWEA and increase the number of students making catch-up growth.  However, it will require the effort of us all, administrators, teachers, parents and students, to accomplish these goals.  We are prepared and ready for the challenge, students are you?

We hope that each of our students will invest in themselves and commit to reaching their academic goals.  To assist with getting our children back in school mode and get their brains ready to receive/comprehend/synthesize, let’s encourage a few things to help!

#1: sleep an adequate number of hours, #2: be well hydrated (water is best),#3: read whenever or whereever, #4: develop a study/homework plan and #5: avoid anything negative (Social Media, just saying!).

As the assistant principal, my main objective is to ensure a positive climate for teaching and learning.  I expect students to behave appropriately at all times in and out of the classroom.  All students are encouraged to seek immediate assistance from any adult in the building if the need arises.  Students reluctant to report may seek help in other ways, talk to a counselor, ask for peer mediation, or write an incident report.  Parents are  encouraged to call the school to report any concerns as well.  The first week of school, our building expectations (a few are shared below) will be explained to your child in our class meetings.

Let’s review a few expectations:

All students will be prohibited from using their cell phones (this includes looking at text messages) on school grounds during the hours of 7:33 to 2:20. Parents if you need to contact your child with an important message please contact the school. All phones seen or heard will be confiscated by a staff member and will be stored in the main office vault (safe).  Parents may pick up phones before 3:30 pm in the main office.  Parents unable to pick up their child’s phone may speak to an administrator for other arrangements.

Tardy procedure has changed: Any student who acquires four or more tardies will be issued one or  more of these consequences: detentions (1/2 hr, 1 hr, 2 hr or Saturday 4 hr), Tier II status, parent conferences, student behavior contracts and students with chronic tardies may be referred to an alternative setting. Parents will be notified by phone or email of the date/time of detention, or to set up a parent conference. All students issued a detention will be notified in writing of their detention date and time.  Students are not given bus tokens for detentions.

Students should wear appropriate clothing for school.  Since it may be warm the first couple of weeks, shorts/skirts should be long enough to cover the mid thigh, shirts should cover shoulders/pants should not sag with no undergarments or midrift showing.

For the first week of school backpacks or string bags are not necessary , students will be issued lockers at the end of the first week or the start of the second week of school.  Students will not be allowed to carry their backpacks, stringbags or purses once lockers have been assigned.

We want our children to enjoy school, to get involved, showcase their talents, make good choices in their decisions/ friendships and be their best academically and we are here to assist and guide your child and will work with you to help your child reach their promise/Promise.

As we work together communication is key. To help us communicate, you can utilize the Home Access Center (HAC) to review your child’s progress and attendance.  Your child’s attendance and on time behavior are critical to their academic success.  HAC and our Milwood webpage are great resources for you to use. In addition, if your child is unexcused tardy or missed one or more classes you will receive a daily phone call. If you have any questions regarding how to access your HAC or our webpage, please contact the main office at (269)337-0670.

It is our pleasure to serve you and your child, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are looking forward to working with you and having a successful and productive year!

Mrs. Foster-Wimbley


Introduction of the New Assistant Principal, Mrs. Foster-Wimbley

Welcome back Staff and Students!  I am so excited to be a Milwood Lancer!  It is my hope, I will add value to the already dynamic staff and student body assembled here at Milwood Magnet School, the Center for Math, Science and Technology.

One of my goals this year is to assist Mr. LeSuer in our effort as a school community to increase the number of students at or above grade level, and though we’ve made some progress toward this goal, there is yet more work to be accomplished in this area.

In this effort I will be working with you and your students to ensure every teacher and student can teach and learn in a safe and orderly environment which promotes caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

As I learn to know you over the next few months, I want to share a little about myself.  I’ve been an educator for more than twenty years,  I was a high school math teacher, a high school assistant principal as well as an administrator in Student Services.  I have been privileged to work in all secondary buildings in the district, the exceptions are Linden Grove MS and Phoenix HS and I served as a middle school principal in Three Rivers, MI.  I share this because my experience tells me that all children, regardless of their school or city, are very similar at this age. How wonderful this is for me because I have the pleasure once again to work with yet another group of bright, hard-working and talented students and staff!

Now, if you ask my former schools about me some will say I was tough with little tolerance for nonsense while others may say I was direct and “don’t play”!  And in fact, this is true.  I have high expectations for all students, you will find I am consistent in my efforts to promote student success and achievement. I will challenge, encourage, mold, guide, coach and expect the best from all teachers and students.

Please know I will communicate in many ways to share with you our progress, one of those ways is through a blog post, but I will also communicate by email (fostergp@kalamazoo.k12.mi.us), phone or in person with an appointment.  I am confident we will work well together as we work through our concerns, challenges and celebrate our successes!

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you, and anticipate a great year for us all!